Day 1: Deep-dive sessions - Workshops - Training & Certification

Get your knowledge and insight in one of these 3 sessions:

1. Industry out-reach/workshop on ISO standards & ITAM maturity >>>>

2. ITAM Foundation Workshop >>>>

or 3. "OpenChain - getting it right with Open Source" Training & Certification >>>>

Networking Event on the 8'th of April:

The ITAM Conference 2019 offers an opportunity to network, meet new colleagues and renew old acquaintances.

On the evening of the deep-dive day - 8'th of April - we would like to invite you to a gathering in the Sky Suite in Radisson Blu Royal Hotel. There will be finger foods served during the evening and places are limited, so sign up early to secure your place.

During the networking event we will also present The winner of The ITAM Award 2019. The ITAM Award is presented by the 2017 winner of The ITAM Award, Stanislav Pavlin

Conference schedule DAY 1>>>

Conference session highlights include;

Choosing your weapons in tool selection and the imperative of maintenance in modern businesses

The evolution of a centralised asset management concept in a decentralised environment

Empowering your software assets taking advantage of the used soft verdict

The clouds and beyond  -  the evolution of IT Asset Management

A publishers code of conduct -
Towards a constructive dialogue with the software providers

The impact of SAP's new Digital Age licensing model

Strategic alignment of SAM at British Telecom

Global ITAM Process Maturity Report 2018

IT Asset Management and ITIL V 4

And many more..

Conference schedule DAY 2>>>

Deep dive session: ISO standards industry outreach & ITAM Maturity

On this deep dive session you will get an understanding of the importance of standards within ITAM in particular and with reference to the ITAM standard ISO 19770-1:2017.

What makes this updated standard so good? How it refers to other Management Systems standards and how you may approach it within your organisation.

In the second half of the session you will be guided further into organisational maturity and an online maturity assessment will be conducted for you to bring back home.

ITAM Foundation Workshop

The Exin/ITAMOrg ITAM Foundation Certificate is the industry standard for foundation level ITAM knowledge

This ITAM Foundation workshop covers all of the 4 main ITAM disciplines; Software & Hardware Asset Management; People & Information (security) and Cloud & Services. You can read more on these disciplines here>>>

The workshop is conducted by a certified ITAM Foundation instructor, Piaras McDonnell who will give you the overview of all the main disciplines and how this knowledge applies to and adresses the organisational challenges in managing ITAM.

OpenChain - getting it right with Open Source Software

Open Source Software is now broadly used in the development of software applications. The ability to reuse components of code already created allows development teams to create more code, with more functionality, faster. It also promotes the adoption of standards and makes applications more interoperable.

With the increasing adoption of open source software in software development there is an increasing need for organisations to understand free and open source software licensing obligations and compliance issues.

Outcome and knowledge that will be acquired from this course:

•    Basic legal understanding of the principles of open source software licensing.
•    Understand the spectrum of software licence categories e.g. reciprocal, permissive etc.
•    Obligations to be compliant with open source software licences
•    Industry best practices

Modules included in the course are:

1-    Getting it Wrong with Open Source Software
2-    What is Intellectual Property
3-    Introduction to Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) licences
4-    FOSS Compliance
5-    Getting it RIGHT with Open Source Software
6-    Compliance Management
7-    Continuous compliance – A case study with UK NHS

The course has been designed for anyone concerned with and involved in Open Source Management, including operational, legal, software development managers, open source program managers, software procurement managers, software architects, developers and maintainers and product managers of open source products or proprietary products containing significant open source. Every effort has been made to present the concepts at a level that is accessible and relevant for all of these participants

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