Wednesday June 21

Optional License Management training/workshops (separate registration!)
Course outline: Oracle License Management (9.00 - 12.00) - SAP License Management (13.00 - 16.00)

Icebreaker / Informal Networking dinner and ITAM 2017 Awards at Laudrup Wine bar, Lautruppark Hotel at 18.00 - 21.00

Thursday June 22

Morning jog organized by Platinum Event Partner Flexera Software (depart from Lautruppark hotel)

Conference day 2 Opening & ITAM industry perspectives

Platinum Event partner address
SAP license management, challenges and optimization

Andrea Greuel, Flexera Software

Court case, SAP vs Diageo, legal implications and further perspectives

Professor Henrik Udsen, University of Copenhagen

Roundtable 1

Financial impact - on-premise and cloud

Mark Baltzersen, Deloitte



Roundtable 2

Cyber Security in your SAP ECO System

Bo Baade-Pedersen, SAP

Roundtable 3

ITAM Competencies and awareness

Jesper Østergaard, ITAMOrg

Roundtable 4

Service Integration across multiple vendors - ITSM/ITAM/SIAM interdependencies

Jan Øberg, ITAMOrg

Lunch & Exhibition


Software License Management as an organizational Challenge
Presented by Head Portfolio Management, Zurich Insurance Group, Switzerland; Mrs. Desiree Weiss

Gold Event Partner Address
Active SAP License Management @ Hannover Rück

Dr. Uwe Vehlies, Hannover Rück

Armchair session - Transparent licensing
Eben van Heerden, Head of License Management, SAP Europe, Middle East and Africa and Daniel Begg, Sainsbury (Home Retail Group), UK
Session is moderated by Lau Normann-Jørgensen, law-firm Kromann-Reumert and Jesper Østergaard, ITAMOrg

Audit defence - or negotiated compliance

Daniel Begg, SAM technical specialist, Sainsbury (Home retail group PLC), UK

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