ITAM Conference 2019 speakers and presenters

Kris Maes, Coca Cola European Partners

Kris Maes is the Software Asset Manager at Coca-Cola European Partners. Kris is responsible for the daily and long-term strategic management of software within the organisation: planning, monitoring and recording CCEP’s software licenses and software usage, assisting in forming procurement strategies to optimise technology spend across the organisation, and developing and implementing procedures for tracking company software assets. Kris has a background at Deloitte, where he provided software asset management services to various customers and managed software vendor audits. Prior to this, he worked at Telia Company, where he was responsible for software governance and software licensing.

Are you an IT Asset Manager? Good, now let's talk finance!

Finance, accounting and contract management might not be a comfortable area to work in for asset managers with a technical background.

Depending on your position in the organisation and whether you report to a finance or an IT function, this might not yet be part of your daily job.

Kris will present lessons learned around dealing with vendor expenditures, financial treatment of budgets and scratch the surface of some relevant accounting rules.

Combining finance with good vendor and contract management processes will create clear expectations from the vendor and put pressure on the TCO of the software used in your organisation.

Daniel Begg, Sainsbury's

Danny has been in IT for over 20years with 15 years consultancy and solution architecture experience in a number of fields. Danny specialised within SAM/HAM/SACM space over the past 8years and currently works within Sainsburys Argos running the SAM team and the SAM managed services.

Danny is an active member within the SAM community publishing articles within Linkedin and speaking at various conferences such as Gartner, ITAM Review and SAMS Europe to freely impart information and knowledge to the community; to challenge business and delivery practices in a positive and constructive manner to push SAM boundaries to ensure their appropriateness in today’s business and push the SAM industry to improve in order to deliver the ROI and TCO demanded by organisations of all sizes.

This keynote cover two key aspects - Choosing your weapons in tool selection and the imperative of maintenance in modern businesses

Choosing your weapon!
This presentation will discuss how Sainsbury's tackled choosing a License management tool. From the strategy around going to market, the format of the RFP, the selection criteria that was used before getting to an end result. And also disclose the pitfalls that we came across as well as those suffered by the vendors. We will also talk about what you may be considering with an open Q&A feedback session.

Is maintenance appropriate in a modern business?
In this session we will talk about the maintenance we get as customers from our vendors, weather that is worth the investment and ways to determine this, what other options there are in the market for your major vendors. We will discuss the pro’s and cons of 3rd party support, internal support and unsupported software and where opensource software can be leveraged.

Attila Kiraly, Vodafone Procurement Company

Attila has gained over 15 years of experience in the shared services delivery industry, having worked for GE, Diageo and Nokia in the past.
In his 11 years at Vodafone, he was involved in one of the biggest SAP ERP rollout projects in the world at the time – with direct exposure to the IT and SCM implementation and operations in particular. He has been supporting the Vodafone Asset Management Services from day one, and for the last 2 years has been managing the entity.

Vodafone Asset Management Services

The evolution of a centralised asset management concept in a decentralised environment

A look at how the concept of a centralised asset management function was brought to life in a complex and fairly decentralised environment – with a view to the evolution of Software Asset Management, touching upon the benefits and obstacles that had to be tackled along the way.

Stéphane Joret

With 28 years of experience, Stéphane JORET is an ITSM and ITAM expert consultant. Amongst the French pioneers in these domains, he made his first ITAM project in 1993, SAM in 2000 and ITSM in 2005. He is an accredited ITIL trainer since 2009 and contributes to ITIL 4 at AXELOS, notably for ITAM. He translated into French the EXIN SAM Specialist exam and the ITAMOrg ITAM Foundation training material.
Stéphane is specialized in ITAM, SAM and ITSM operating model implementation: process, organization and underpinning technology with transformation methods. Over the years, he developed a practical framework to drive such ITAM and SAM projects on the fast lane with ITIL integration.

IT Asset Management is now part of ITIL

With the release of ITIL V4, IT Asset Management has finally been taken into account within the widespread IT Service Management framework.

In this session we will look into how ITAM was adopted into ITIL V4 from one of the contributors to the updated ITIL framework

Michael Vilain

Michael has worked in the IT industry for more than 30 years. Michael has an extensive knowledge about the Software Industry. Worked 10 years in IBM software division and 15 years for Microsoft and 6 years for Crayon Group.  Michael joined ReLicense in 2018 to help them build up their business in the Northern Region (UK + Scandinavia) 

Michael’s key achievement has always been within Sales roles both country specific or in International sales roles as VP Sales.



Empowering your software asset!

The pre-owned licensing market offers organizations the opportunity to reduce costs for licensing Microsoft software immensely, and keep the costs for Microsoft licensing predictable while remain innovative.

Typically, the costs for licensing Microsoft software just keeps raising. This trend is not surprising. Microsoft continuously innovates its product range adding functionalities to the existing product suites. As a result, the prices for not just the total Microsoft solution, but for the individual licenses increase per contract renewal. But what if your organization does not need these additional functionalities or services (yet)? Normally, your organization will be confronted with the increased costs anyway, but that does not have to be the case any longer.

Alternative licensing scenarios offer significant savings potential. TCO savings of up to 80% when compared to a traditional licensing has been accomplished.

As a SAM Manager or Procurement Manager consider buying your next SQL server as a second-hand license and save more than 50% of the cost. We call this IT cost disruption!

Paul MacAdam

Paul McAdam is well known in the UK IT industry as Director of Open Source Management specialists, Source Code Control, but also for his roles at Microsoft.
Paul was the Chief of Staff at Microsoft UK preceded by leading the SAM engagement team 4 years. He was involved in the creation of key initiatives such as settlement with cloud and SAM Managed Services as well as earlier versions of ISO 19770 and the Microsoft Licensing exams.
Prior to Microsoft, he was an IT infrastructure manager at AstraZeneca in the UK and for 2 years in the US.

Jason Keogh

Jason Keogh is an internationally recognized subject matter expert in Software Asset Management (SAM) and a 20+ year veteran of the IT industry. Jason has a wealth of experience in desktop and datacenter technologies, particularly with giants Oracle, Microsoft and IBM. Jason founded discovery and inventory company, iQuate in 2002 and acted as CEO and CTO there until 2014. Jason is the editor of ISO 19770-3, the new international standard for defining and managing Software License Entitlements. Jason is VP of Product for 1E, the leader in Software Lifecycle Automation and leads the SAM vision for the company.

Deep dive session: ISO standards industry outreach & ITAM Maturity

On this deep dive session on day 1 you will get an understanding of the importance of standards within ITAM in particular and with reference to the ITAM standard ISO 19770-1:2017.
What makes this updated standard so good? How it refers to other Management Systems standards and how you may approach it within your organisation.

In the second half of the session you will be guided further into organisational maturity and an online maturity assessment will be conducted for you to bring back home.

Kylie Fowler

Kylie Fowler is the founder and principle consultant of ITAM Intelligence and is an expert consultant who helps clients build responsive and compliant Software Asset Management Frameworks. Kylie began her career in IT support, IT procurement and asset analysis. From this strong knowledge and experience base, Kylie then held a pivotal IT Asset Control role before establishing herself as a highly regarded independent Software Asset Manager. Most recently, Kylie has supported organisations including DirectLine Plc, Thames Water and the Bank of England to leverage the benefits of IT asset management and achieve their business objectives. Kylie is passionate about supporting businesses of all sizes to drive continuous improvement, reduce risk and achieve return on investment through the development of creative asset management solutions.

To the clouds and beyond… the evolution of IT Asset Management

We all know that technology is constantly changing. In our careers we’ve seen IT move from a world of physical on-premise servers, through to highly virtualised datacentres, and now into the cloud. The Architects tell us that cloud doesn’t need managing, and cloud costs will control themselves as business demand fluctuates… but don’t believe them for a second! The reality is that the move to the cloud has the potential to cause a drip, drip, drip of unnoticed costs bleeding out of the business.

In this presentation, Kylie Fowler will explain why IT Asset Management is in a fantastic position to take the lessons we’ve learned from traditional ITAM to design and implement the governance and processes required to get a grip on the cloud.”

Désirée Weiss

Désirée Weiss is Executive consultant on SAP at Insight EMEA. Before entering this position she was responsible for the Global SAP Engagement at the Zurich Insurance Company, where she worked for ten years. Before taking the responsibility for SAP Licenses Portfolio & Relationship (incl. Sybase, BO, ARIBA etc.), Désirée had the positions of Lead Disaster Recovery in Europe and Service Management Performance Specialist, IT Relationship Manager Zurich Agents at Zurich Insurance Company, and  IT Contract Specialist for SW and professional Services. Previously, 2000-2007, Désirée was first engaged as Head Information Warehousing Reporting and from 2004 as a Technical Purchasing Specialist at Telekurs Services AG, now part of the SIX Group AG.

From SAP with Love - the impact of SAP's new Digital Age licensing model

SAP is knocking on the door at their customers to push their new pricing model. Get prepared for SAP Digital Age discussions and learn negotiation mistakes Customers can, input on considerations you may want to take into account when establishing a negotiation strategy and approach for SAP new contract negotiations

Danielle Jacobs

Danielle Jacobs is General Manager of BELTUG, the largest Belgian association of digital technology leaders from businesses and public institutions, with more than 1600 members.
Under her leadership, Beltug has built on the priorities of these ICT managers to achieve a number of successes, including developing a Market Study on the Belgian business ICT market, acting as an interlocutor for businesses on software license issues, and lobbying with public entities at the Belgian and European levels to clarify key issues including indoor coverage for mobile communication, data protection (GDPR), e-trust services, and more.

Danielle has received considerable recognition for her efforts, including a Lifetime Achievement Award at the CIO Leadership summit, 2016. She was named one of Global Telecoms Business’s Top 50 Woman to Watch 2016. And she was elected IT person of the year by Computable Belgium 2018.

Towards a constructive dialogue with the software providers

In today’s fast moving software world, companies share an increasing unease when it comes to managing their software assets. Software publishers release software products supported by sophisticated and complex license models and agreements.

Beltug, the Belgian Association of Digital Technology Leaders, pubhished a Proposal for a Software Publishers’ Code of Conduct. The ultimate goal of this proposal for a code of conduct is for software publishers to provide legal certainty and unambiguous software licensing contracts with a clear definition of responsibilities for both software publishers and customers.
The principles of the CoC are also translated in concrete clauses, companies can use in their negotiations.

We will present or approach

Matt Turner

Matt is IT transformation professional with a passion of challenging and reducing spend by applying a technical lens to the opportunity.  Until recently he managed BT Group Software Asset spend, which he utilised his technical understanding to drive significant cost savings across the organisation, using a unique approach to drive out waste and to challenge the business norms.

Following sharing his story at the ITAM review UK conference and receiving some positive feedback he decided to start his own consultancy focussing on his proactive approach to transforming ITAM spend and is now enjoying sharing his knowledge and experiences with other organisations.

Strategic alignment of SAM at British Telecom

Matt Turner, Software Transformation of ITAM Insights, will share how BT explored a new approach to SAM, working at a strategic level to engage with architecture and design teams to build a 10-year technical roadmap. Their approach to software management has provided a proactive, strategic view of software consumption and forecasted use, rather than the traditional reactive firefighting seen in many SAM departments.

Stanislav Pavlin

Stanislav Pavlin is an independent executive advisor and former global head of IT Asset Management at Vodaphone

Mr. Pavlin is also the winner of the ITAM Award 2017



 The ITAM Award 2019

Stanislav Pavlin will motivate and present the ITAM Award 2019.



Rory Canavan

Rory is Director of R&D at ITAMOrg and the Founder & CEO at SAM Charter.

With a technical background in business and systems analysis, Rory has a wide range of first-hand experience advising numerous companies and organisations on the best practices and principles pertaining to Software Asset Management.

His experience has been gained in both military and civil organisations, including the Royal Navy, Compaq, HP, the Federation Against Software Theft (FAST), Trustmarque Solutions and Flexera Software – In 2012 Rory founded SAM Charter.  In 2014, Rory was invited to join the Board of ITAMOrg and Rory is also part of ISO WG21, the free-spirited thinkers driving ISO SAM/ITAM standards adoption in the ISO community

Deep dive session: ISO standards industry outreach & ITAM Maturity / Global Process Maturity Report 2018

On this deep dive session on day 1 you will get an understanding of the importance of standards within ITAM in particular and with reference to the ITAM standard ISO 19770-1:2017.
What makes this updated standard so good? How it refers to other Management Systems standards and how you may approach it within your organisation.

In the second half of the session you will be guided further into organisational maturity and an online maturity assessment will be conducted for you to bring back home.


On day 2 Rory will present the findings of data gathered from participants who have taken the ITAMOrg light assessment from around the world over the last year.  This will be a great presentation to see how you measure up against your commercial and national peers.

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